A young girl is dead, and we all fit the killer’s profile

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By Josh Gilman: Crying in public I don’t know if you have ever wept openly in public before. But if you were sitting next to me listening to Patty Wetterling speak with eloquence, grace and love about the assault and murder of her son Jacob, you probably would have. I have heard speeches by parents of kidnapped children before. I … Read More

How to cure porn-induced erectile dysfunction

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By: Shawn Bonneteau (Secret Habit) Are you feeling the weight of sexual pressure due to erectile dysfunction? Struggling with Erectile Dysfunction has become an epidemic in the lives of men today. With pornography so readily available, heavy doses of stress in our everyday lives, and Doctors diagnosing physical symptoms prior to examining psychological symptoms, we are seeing an uprising in … Read More

Sexual Detox, Digital Health, & “No Sleepovers”

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Navigating our new digital frontier is a complicated, and often intimidating journey. Add in being a parent and it’s enough to make you run for the hills and start a luddite community. Author, Blogger & Speaker Tim Challies was one of the first to start speaking out about the problems of Pornography in the new digital age. His book Sexual Detox … Read More

Being “Sextorted”, Finding Freedom, Ending Slavery

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How would you feel if your every secret was blasted across the internet? This isn’t something that is imaginary anymore. It’s not just candidates for the Supreme Court, or President who are going to have every single word and action they’ve ever done be looked into, investigated, & questioned. In today’s world with the amount of content we even put … Read More

Invisible Chains

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By Guest Author I became active in discussing the harms of pornography after completing my Masters thesis on drug use. It struck me when over and over again in focus groups and interviews people, often men, we would talk about sex addiction. As a young man at the time, I laughed this off. Aren’t all young men addicted to sex, … Read More

“The Dirty Dozen 2017”, and how to fight back against the porn industry

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Every year, the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) puts out out their Dirty Dozen. 12 Companies that while not necessarily an official part of the porn industry benefit greatly from it, or contribute to it’s growth and influence. This year, the list includes well known companies such as Amazon for their continued sale of hardcore pornography and “eroticized child nudity” (among other issues), Twitter for … Read More

Appreciating your partner’s “no”

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By: Brad Pullan   I have a question: Have you ever watched a porn scene where either character says “no”? Specifically a scene where that “no” is respected? Think about it for a second. You probably don’t need to think about it that long because you already know what the answer is.   The word “no” is either not used … Read More

Girls watch porn, too: An essential conversation with Jessica Harris.

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Through her story Jessica Harris has become an inspiring writer, blogger, and speaker on the topic of women’s use of pornography.   Back in October, Strength to Fight was honoured to have Ms. Harris attend our 3 day planning meeting in Kingston.  Her powerful and honest testimony has opened the door for women all across world to share, open up, … Read More