Being “Sextorted”, Finding Freedom, Ending Slavery

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How would you feel if your every secret was blasted across the internet? This isn’t something that is imaginary anymore. It’s not just candidates for the Supreme Court, or President who are going to have every single word and action they’ve ever done be looked into, investigated, & questioned. In today’s world with the amount of content we even put … Read More

Invisible Chains

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By Guest Author I became active in discussing the harms of pornography after completing my Masters thesis on drug use. It struck me when over and over again in focus groups and interviews people, often men, we would talk about sex addiction. As a young man at the time, I laughed this off. Aren’t all young men addicted to sex, … Read More

“The Dirty Dozen 2017”, and how to fight back against the porn industry

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Every year, the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) puts out out their Dirty Dozen. 12 Companies that while not necessarily an official part of the porn industry benefit greatly from it, or contribute to it’s growth and influence. This year, the list includes well known companies such as Amazon for their continued sale of hardcore pornography and “eroticized child nudity” (among other issues), Twitter for … Read More

Appreciating your partner’s “no”

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By: Brad Pullan   I have a question: Have you ever watched a porn scene where either character says “no”? Specifically a scene where that “no” is respected? Think about it for a second. You probably don’t need to think about it that long because you already know what the answer is.   The word “no” is either not used … Read More

Does porn addiction fuel prostitution, sexual violence, and sex trafficking?

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Opening thought: I hope that this article will provide you with research and motivate you to despise the Pornographic Sexual Exploitation Industry.  Instead of being discouraged, I urge you to press on, each day no matter how many times you fail, to overcome addiction, and to live a porn-free life.   Does porn addiction fuel prostitution, sexual violence, and sex … Read More

Grand Declutter Challenge: Day 4 Benefits to Calling someone during temptation

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Porn is more addictive than drugs or alcohol. If people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol need help from others why would we think that we are any different. At Alcoholics Anonymous they teach people about an acrostic called HALT. They have found that when you are Hungry Angry Lonely or Tired you are more likely to turn to … Read More

Targeted Children

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By Jonathon Van Maren Pornography is referred to as “adult” material for a reason: People recognize that, however pro-porn they might be, kids should not see it. I always wonder at what age we’ve grown up enough to believe that women can be abused, degraded, and used as sex objects, but such is the culture we live in. The problem … Read More