Our mission to equip Canadians to live porn-free lives and build porn-free communities is carried out predominantly through our informative and practical presentations. Here are just some of the presentations that we offer.

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The Porn Plague: What it is & How To Fight It

In a world where 90 percent of boys and at least 50 percent of girls have seen pornography, we need to understand what is actually being seen. Further, 90% of scenes in today’s most popular pornography films depict serious aggression and violence. Do we understand the full impact that violent, degrading and masochistic pornography has on our minds and our society as a whole? What can and must we be doing about it?

The Porn-Proof Family

Over half of children encounter pornography by the age of 11, simply trying to do their homework.

By 18 years of age – 90% of boys and 70% of Girls, have seen pornography. In today’s world, if your kids aren’t affected by porn, their friends are. How can we protect our children not just in our home, but prepare them for a sex & porn saturated world?

Porn-proof family
Powerful love, gospel overcomes porn

A Powerful Love: How the Gospel can overcome, Porn, Human Trafficking, & Sexual Abuse

We look at the destructiveness of all these topics, what it actually does to your life and those around you, and then how the Gospel is actual the ultimate answer and the only way out.

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Do people have value

Who Am I, What Are You, & What Should We Do About It?

Do people really have value? Are we actually a species worth protecting? If we are, what does that mean for how we treat others? In this talk we build up the case for the inherent value of every human being and then look at the problem of pornography in light of these truths.

Safe & Aware

In a country where one in three girls are sexually abused and one in six boys are by the age of 18, how do protect our families from those who would use our strengths against us.

Where predators seek to abuse our values of family (trust), authority (control), & acceptance (2nd chances), we’ll outline how to protect these values while helping you teach your children to know where they should and shouldn’t be applied.

Porn fuels rape
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Specialized Presentations

We’ve also done many specialized presentations for various audiences including:

  • Purity in a pornified world
  • How porn fuels human trafficking
  • Just for men (A call to fight dragons)
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