Strength To Fight is a group of Canadians passionate about fighting for a porn-free Canada.

Through our presentations, website and resources we’re working to equip Canadians to live porn-free lives and build porn-free communities.

Consider these facts:

  • The average age a Canadian is first exposed to porn is under the age of 12.
  • 83% of boys and 57% of girls have already been exposed to group sex online.
  • In 2015, Canadians were the third most frequent viewers of the most mainstream porn site with 165 pageviews per capita.
  • 238 “Porn stars” died from suicide, homicide, drug overdose & STDs between 2003 – 2014.

We believe it’s time to change these statistics. And the men and women of Strength To Fight are committed to helping see that change happen from coast to coast by equipping men and women, boys and girls to live lives that overcome pornography.

Our Team


IMG_5401The one thing Josh could always do was communicate. Several years as a commercial writer taught him how to communicate quickly. Two years as a radio news anchor and  reporter taught him how to make sure it was heard right, and a couple years spent as a Pastoral Assistant trained him to listen and not just speak. Now he uses his organizational and communication skills to help speak into the war on our culture.

Josh has been speechless twice in his life. The first time was when he was trying to ask his wife to marry him and the second was when his daughter was born.


47831_10152612177830457_1032793615_nJonathon is passionate, born into a family of passionate people. Growing up in a family of people unafraid to speak their mind, Jonathon learned the dying skills of reason, logic, and debate. As he grew older he became passionate about using his skills to speak up for those who could not speak for themselves.

Now as an award winning writer and powerful speaker, he travels across Canada, bringing his ground-breaking research into our commodity culture. His articles on the issues surrounding pornography have been read by over 1 million people.



1502850_276155452538949_849138992_o - Version 3Daniel always stood up for justice. Even as a very young boy when some other kids formed a group of bullies, Daniel tried to rally his friends to counter-bully the bullies. As he grew older and wiser he applied himself to the study of justice, becoming an expert on the abolition of the British Slave Trade, on which he wrote his Masters Thesis. He has quickly become a much sought-after speaker across Canada on a variety of social justice issues, always bringing with him a genuine love and understanding of the dignity of all people.

Respected by the elite of Canada, whom he has worked side by side with on Parliament Hill for six years, and loved by the downtrodden in the low-income neighbourhood he chooses to live and volunteer in, Daniel has sought to put his vast knowledge of justice to real and practical use.


DSC_1894 (2)Colette is a young woman who has always had a sincere interest in the well-being of others. While studying at the University of Lethbridge she became involved in activism for a number of issues. Through her own battle with and victory over pornography, she became passionate about speaking out for others, especially women, struggling with issues related to sexuality.

Having graduated with a BA in Psychology, she continues to live in Lethbridge with her husband and baby boy. You can find her in schools, churches and community groups, using her education, training and experience to bring hope and healing to those affected by porn.


Peter HeadshotPeter grew up passionate about the truth. As a teenager he considered passionately ignoring it, but as he grew up he couldn’t deny what he knew. Working as a Pastoral Intern in several inner-city churches he saw first hand how young people in our nation were growing up without either truth or meaning.

Now married, to an equally passionate wife, his desire is to speak into people’s lives and lead them in the truth he knows. Sharing from his own experiences as a young man trying to determine what was right, he has become an effective speaker in revealing the black and white issues in a greying culture.


We also work with a variety of other speakers and writers. Our desire is not to become world famous for speaking about pornography. We want to help train and equip others to speak and teach and then train others themselves.


Want to be trained in speaking about pornography? Or have an article you would like to share on our website? Contact:


In early 2014, the University of Ottawa was rocked by scandal as the entire university hockey team was suspended for alleged sexual assault. For the next few weeks, the discussion on campus and in the city was on one thing: What was “rape culture” – was it a real phenomenon, and, if so, how could we stop it?

Three young men who had experience speaking up about pornography and been researching the idea of “rape culture,” decided to put on a presentation. In a public area of the university they did a three-part presentation: “How Porn Fuels Rape,” “How Porn Fuels Human Trafficking,” and “How To Be Free.”

The response was overwhelming. The crowd was large. People who had boasted on Facebook that they would attend the presentation in order to embarrass the presenters with difficult questions, instead sat silently throughout, and emailed later on to say they had walked away determined to fight their porn addiction. Students of different faiths wrote in to say how impacted they were at the conviction of the presenters that freedom from pornography was possible.

And then without asking, invitations to speak started pouring in. Between everyone involved, the team was able to give around 20 talks throughout the year. But that wasn’t even one third of the 65 invitations that came in. And as more stories of “rape culture” incidents came to light across the country, as parents and teachers pleaded for someone to teach them how to deal with what their kids were seeing, and as story after broken story came in about people whose lives had been damaged by pornography, a decision was made. This would never work as a side project. This could not be accomplished by trying to fight the porn plague part time. This had to be taken on full time. Some of of us would have to quit our jobs and dedicate our lives to speaking up and speaking out. And less than one year after that first presentation, Strength To Fight was born.