How to finish a challenge

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We are down to 2 days left in our official Decluttering Campaign. And now is the part where you might be thinking to yourself “Well I made it nearly 4 weeks without Netflix, I can reactivate my account a couple days early and it won’t matter”. Oh but it will. The point of the challenge is not just to do … Read More

What you don’t need: The Grand Decluttering Challenge

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So….Strength To Fight as a website fell off the decluttering wagon this last week. But that was because of trips to hospitals and family emergencies. Don’t worry, everyone is more or less ok, and you can read about how one near emergency was rather insightful when all was said and done. But hopefully YOU haven’t fallen off your challenges. We … Read More

Your internet doesn’t love you: Choosing friendships over phones – Challenge #7

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Where did they go?   We’ve all experienced it. You’ve got a really close friend, or it’s one of your friends in a specific circle of friends. Everyone hangs out together. And then suddenly they are gone. What happened? Well they started dating someone.   So you make jokes about “wondering if they are alive still?” and “oh you still … Read More

Grand Declutter Challenge: Day 4 Benefits to Calling someone during temptation

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Porn is more addictive than drugs or alcohol. If people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol need help from others why would we think that we are any different. At Alcoholics Anonymous they teach people about an acrostic called HALT. They have found that when you are Hungry Angry Lonely or Tired you are more likely to turn to … Read More