The Hardest Challenge Yet: Grand Decluttering Challenge Day 10

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Today’s Challenge is: I will not watch Netflix or Shomi for a month

The Hardest Challenge Yet
If your first thoughts when you think of not watching Netflix or Shomi for a month are; what else will I do?, But I want to watch my show?, How will I survive?, or even, I don’t have anything else to do? Then frankly, this is probably a challenge you need to take. Those shows are going to be there in a month so what are we so worried about? If this challenge frightens or gives you cold sweats you probably need to take a step back and ask yourself, is it good for me to watch this much?

This Challenge is not for Me!
Do you think that this challenge is not for you? Do you think that watching hours of Netflix / Shomi is not that bad? When it is used to relax and hang out with friends it is not a bad thing. I do not think Netflix or Shomi are bad in and of themselves. What I think needs to be changed is why and how we use Netflix and Shomi.

What has it Become?
Here is where I can talk from experience and share what Netflix has become in my life. Even as I sat down to write, I thought about how many hours a week I am watching Netflix. We do not have tv but we do have Netflix and we watch it all the time. We do not sit at the table anymore to eat, we sit and watch netflix while eating. When we get home from church, work, or visiting friends the first thing we do is turn on Netflix. It is eating too much time out of our day. Instead of getting the “honey do list” done around the house I am spending an hour eating supper. That wouldn’t sound so bad if I was talking to my newly married wife but I am watching Netflix instead. There are times when I am in the process of selecting the next episode and just realize that I have sat down in front of the TV, I was in autopilot and did not even realize. Netflix has slowly started to take over all of my free time and even time that I need to use other places.

That does not Sound like me:
If you do not watch that much tv and have no problem controlling your amount of tv that you take in a week, then this challenge should be easy, so why not give it a try?

That sounds like me:
Then you and I need to take back our lives. I am not saying when the month is over that we can never watch tv again. I am saying that we need to make sure our priorities are straight. Where we invest our time is where we invest our life. Do not allow Netflix to become your life.

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