Thanks for being a friend pornography!

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People often write to us about their experience battling pornography and how the impact its had on their life. And sometimes they send us brilliant letters that express truths about life we feel need to be shared. We asked this young adult if they wouldn’t mind us sharing this “letter to pornography” that they sent us.

Dear Pornography,

Thank you so much for your help these past few years! Before you, I thought I was pretty well off.  I was serving in my church, had loving siblings and parents, was pretty healthy physically, and work was going well.

Then you showed up. You wrecked my perfect world. I lost my focus, felt ashamed of myself, stopped serving in church, and was generally depressed and miserable.

My relationships with my family suffered.

My relationship with God suffered.

Life sucked.

And I blamed you for everything!

But you were better than that. You stuck with me. You were there for me.

You told me I had to change. You made me choose.

You see, until I met you, I thought everything was rosy. I thought I had it all figured out. I thought life was perfect. And you messed up that illusion. You forced me to come to grips with reality.

You didn’t just tell me what I wanted to hear. You were a true friend. You exposed my faults.

Because of your encouragement, I took a hard look in the mirror. I started seeing many problems, not just one. I started going to therapy and seeking out the root of those problems. Whenever you came around, I started going to God and reaching out to him in my dark moments. I searched out other, wiser, stronger people as I tried to get over you. I realized that I was very weak, but God was very strong.

I have to admire your faithfulness Pornography. You’re still everywhere, reminding me of weakness all the time. Every day, you encourage me to listen to worship music, to read my bible, to pray. Without you, I’d probably not be into working out, having a balanced eating schedule, sleeping eight hours every night. I wouldn’t be devoted to getting stronger in Christ, because I would still be thinking that I was strong enough in myself.

I wouldn’t have an improving relationship with my family. I wouldn’t have learned how to see me as God sees me. How to see other people as God sees them.  I wouldn’t have any grace for other people, and their “friends”.

Thank you sooooo sooooo much!!!

You’ve helped me in countless ways.

However, I’m happy to say that you’ve helped me mature to the point where I don’t really need you anymore.

You see, due to your assistance, when I face adversity these days, or feel weak, or feel like I’m not enough, I go to God. I go to his word. I go to prayer. I don’t think I’ve got it under control.

I know I haven’t got it under control.


I know God does.

I am weak, and He is strong.

Thanks Pornography.

I won’t be seeing ya!

If you feel hopeless, or like pornography has made you worthless, don’t give up. It’s not true. Challenges make us stronger. Pornography is a difficult opponent, but there are many people just like this person who have seen their lives turned around. If you don’t know where to start, download our free e-book, “Winning the Impossible Fight”.