Thanks for being a friend pornography!

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People often write to us about their experience battling pornography and how the impact its had on their life. And sometimes they send us brilliant letters that express truths about life we feel need to be shared. We asked this young adult if they wouldn’t mind us sharing this “letter to pornography” that they sent us. Dear Pornography, Thank you … Read More

“Sir are you ok” – An extraordinary Costco moment

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The most extraordinary thing happened to me in Costco the other day. But what does that have to do with fighting pornography? Today is #BellLetsTalk day. Regardless of whether or not you believe it’s just one big corporation’s way of getting free promotion, it has become a day across Canada for people to bravely speak up about mental health. But … Read More

The secret to sharing your porn addiction story

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“How can I find the courage to share my story?” Wednesday morning of this week, found me sitting on the set of “The 700 Club Canada” taping an interview about Strength To Fight and my own story of porn addiction and victory. (For those that are interested, the interview will air on May 11th). It was definitely a first time … Read More

How to drink your way to abs and freedom from porn

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By Daniel Gilman “If you drink twelve cups of green tea each day for just 60 days you will achieve rock hard sculpted abs!” I can make this promise to you if, like me, you’re a millennial, because you won’t last 60 days. I’ll get to sell a ton of green tea, and you’ll blame yourself for not hitting 60 … Read More

Being there for the broken

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By Josh Gilman: Looking out into the audience of 400 high-school students at a christian high-school, I read the question texted to the big screen. “My parents caught me watching porn. They were so angry that I can never talk to them about it again. And it’s pushed me deeper into my addiction. What do I do?”  I looked out … Read More

How to build a healthy accountability group

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By Peter Mahaffey: When most people think of accountability they are getting it wrong. They are thinking in wrong categories. They don’t have a complete understanding of what accountability is. They don’t know what it should look like when practiced. For example, a group of 18-year-old young men are discouraged because of their constant failings with pornography so they form … Read More

2 reasons to never use the phrase ‘Food Porn’

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By Brad Pullan & STF Staff Food Porn I really don’t like the phrase ‘food porn’:  Why? If you haven’t already I’m sure you have seen someone share a delicious looking picture from a ‘food porn’ social media page.  There are countless other pages like this (e.g. Earth Porn) but this article will specifically focus on ‘food porn’. There are … Read More

The screams of the ones you love

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By Josh Gilman: What is the worst sound in the world? Nails on a chalkboard? The fire alarm? A 3rd grade violin recital? Those are all horrible. But I would suggest it is not the single worst sound in the world. The worst sound in the world is the scream of someone you love. Yesterday, I was working on a … Read More