How Watching Old Movies Can Heal Your Mind

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Gregory Peck & Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday (1953). Several years ago my family was having a movie day. Now, for most families, this might be a rather straightforward experience, but I come from a very large family filled with professional public speakers. So a “discussion” about which movie to watch is more like a political debate mixed with multi-media … Read More

What you don’t need: The Grand Decluttering Challenge

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So….Strength To Fight as a website fell off the decluttering wagon this last week. But that was because of trips to hospitals and family emergencies. Don’t worry, everyone is more or less ok, and you can read about how one near emergency was rather insightful when all was said and done. But hopefully YOU haven’t fallen off your challenges. We … Read More

Learning more less: Changing our news habits in a pornified world

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By Josh Gilman: *Note this article is slightly longer than the others, but that’s kind of the point. So please read it in full. Check the source I used to work in Radio and have had the misfortune of being both on-air and also running the editor’s desk during several mass-shootings, natural disasters and various salacious scandals. Each time, it … Read More