Invisible Chains

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By Guest Author I became active in discussing the harms of pornography after completing my Masters thesis on drug use. It struck me when over and over again in focus groups and interviews people, often men, we would talk about sex addiction. As a young man at the time, I laughed this off. Aren’t all young men addicted to sex, … Read More

Is violent porn a Canadian health crisis? MP Arnold Viersen discusses

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There has been more good news on the pornography front than we’re used to, with Time Magazine’s article alerting the general public to the affect of porn addiction on a generation of young men, and the Globe & Mail and Washington Post also highlighting the dangers of pornography in the past several weeks. Here in Canada, MP Arnold Viersen is … Read More

Help! I’ve Relapsed!

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If there is one thing that is certain about recovering from a porn addiction, it is this: we all have good days and bad days. Today may be a ‘Bad Day’. You may have been doing extremely well for weeks, days, months, or even years. Perhaps you have not used porn for months, and have begun to forget the myriad … Read More

The 50-Year-Old Porn Addict

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By Joshua Buck When I was in grade 11, I tried to sneak into my friend’s house with him late at night without his parents knowing. We turned off the car and put it into neutral so as to not have any headlights or noise to alert his parents of our arrival. We snuck into the backyard to go through … Read More

Help! How Do I Talk To My Wife About My Porn Use?

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Dear porn-addicted husband, The fact that you are willing to read this letter is already a good step. Even though this is definitely a battle, please keep reading. We hope that this brief letter will be an encouragement and a help to you. First, if you’re still struggling with whether or not you are addicted, that probably means you are. … Read More