Grand Declutter Challenge: Day 4 Benefits to Calling someone during temptation

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Porn is more addictive than drugs or alcohol. If people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol need help from others why would we think that we are any different. At Alcoholics Anonymous they teach people about an acrostic called HALT. They have found that when you are Hungry Angry Lonely or Tired you are more likely to turn to your addiction in order to deal with situations. We are also more likely to turn to porn if we are hungry, angry, lonely or tired. It is important to know when we will be or are in one of these four situations we are more likely to turn to porn. We need to take care of ourselves so that we are not putting ourselves in situations where we will be more susceptible to succumbing to our addiction to porn.

I personally have type 1 diabetes and when I have a low or a high blood sugar it can and often does affect my mood, emotions, ability to think, and more. I have to watch and listen to my body to make sure I control myself when my blood sugars are not where I want them to be. I have an amazing wife and she knows that if I start acting “off” that I need to go check my blood sugar and make sure everything is okay. Most of the time I can feel my blood sugar going high or low and know that I need to watch my mood and not talk to my wife about anything sensitive or important because I am not myself. This is the same for people who struggle with porn. We need to watch our bodies and know that when we are hungry, angry, lonely or tired that we are not acting like ourselves and we need to take some steps in order to not turn to porn.

One of those things that you can do when you notice that you are in a situation where you are more likely to give into porn you can call someone and talk to them. You do not have to talk to them about the fact that you are being tempted to look at porn. Just talking to someone can be helpful.

Here are three things calling someone can help subside the temptation of porn or anything else that you are addicted to.

  • One: It instantly connects you to someone else whether you tell that person or not that you are being tempted to look at porn. You have just changed your situation from being alone to talking to someone.
  • Two: You have given yourself a break from temptation. During this time you will be able to set things up to get out of the situation, even if just for a little bit.
  • Three: It can help if you are telling the person about your temptation (I don’t know if I would tell my mom) at least for me when I was able to call/text/talk to my accountability partner it freed me from the temptation because I knew I could no longer hide it. If I looked at porn it was not going to be in secret. Hint it is never in secret.