Does porn addiction fuel prostitution, sexual violence, and sex trafficking?

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Opening thought: I hope that this article will provide you with research and motivate you to despise the Pornographic Sexual Exploitation Industry.  Instead of being discouraged, I urge you to press on, each day no matter how many times you fail, to overcome addiction, and to live a porn-free life.   Does porn addiction fuel prostitution, sexual violence, and sex … Read More

Targeted Children

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By Jonathon Van Maren Pornography is referred to as “adult” material for a reason: People recognize that, however pro-porn they might be, kids should not see it. I always wonder at what age we’ve grown up enough to believe that women can be abused, degraded, and used as sex objects, but such is the culture we live in. The problem … Read More

Protecting Your Home & Family: iPhones and iPads

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I-phones are the hardest of all phones to protect from pornography and other objectionable content. Because apple devices don’t allow one app to monitor another, simply installing a filter doesn’t protect you on an apple device like it would on an android. This is true for an iphone, ipod or ipad. Laptops are different. Filters work just fine on your … Read More

4 Kinds of Helps for Victims of Sexual Assault

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By Caitlin Corbett: Sexual assault is a violation of everything about a person. It violates their body, mind, and soul. Sometimes, it violates their trust in a particular person, or even their trust in all people. It hurts so deeply that most victims cannot describe what they are going through. What makes this violation worse is that most victims have no idea where to go for help. … Read More