Being “Sextorted”, Finding Freedom, Ending Slavery

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How would you feel if your every secret was blasted across the internet?

This isn’t something that is imaginary anymore. It’s not just candidates for the Supreme Court, or President who are going to have every single word and action they’ve ever done be looked into, investigated, & questioned. In today’s world with the amount of content we even put out into the world ourselves, we definitely are not living in the age of secrets.

But more importantly, what about the things we really have tried to keep secret. The parts of our lives that we are desperate nobody find out about? If you were to have a recording of it sent to every family member and friend?

Would you crumble? Hide in a cave? Or would you decide that you were going to become a different person. Could you say that getting your secrets exposed to the world was the best thing that ever happened to you?

We had the opportunity to chat with someone who had to make that very choice.

Marcos Peres was a “regular guy” who ended up the victim of a sextortion plot that for many of us would be our absolute worst-case scenario, so Marcos had a choice to make. Check out the video interview below to hear Marcos’ incredible story.