Time For Warning Labels On Porn?

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by Guest Author It’s been a long time since anyone was able to buy cigarettes without also seeing an alarming message about cancer, emphysema, or some other horrible health effects from smoking.  Maybe it’s time pornography came with warning labels too. That idea may provoke a snicker or two initially. But think about what research has shown: pornography consumption damages … Read More

Help! My Kids Are Looking at Porn!

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This article was originally posted by Tim Challies on his blog, Challies.com, on April 14, 2014. I hear it so, so often: “Help! My kids are looking at porn!” A few days ago one mom wrote to say that she and her husband had allowed their young teenaged boys access to the Internet to play an online video game, thinking … Read More

Why do I need a filter?

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One of the most common questions we get is always. “What can I do to fight pornography?”. And our response is always. Get a filter. YOU need a filter. As explained in the video above, EVERYONE needs a filter. Because everyone is a prime target for porn creators. You and your family are a valuable market they want to exploit. Think … Read More

Stop The Madness

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by Daniel Gilman When a group of researchers at the University of Montreal set out to complete a study on porn, they were stopped in their tracks by something they did not expect. They were unable to find any men who had never watched porn. They had planned to compare the views of men who had never watched porn with … Read More

Hazardous Homework

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by Colette Aikema We all know that technology is a wonderful tool. As is the Internet. We know this, our kids know this, and our kids’ teachers know this. Homework no longer consists of simply taking home some math problems and solving them. We are asking our kids to delve deeper into the problems and solutions of this world. To … Read More