Hazardous Homework

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by Colette Aikema

We all know that technology is a wonderful tool. As is the Internet. We know this, our kids know this, and our kids’ teachers know this.

Homework no longer consists of simply taking home some math problems and solving them. We are asking our kids to delve deeper into the problems and solutions of this world. To help them do so, we give our kids the Internet.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it is important that our kids learn to use the Internet! It is an amazing opportunity for them to be able to explore in further detail what they are learning, within a global context. A wonderful opportunity that the previous generation did not have. So let’s use it!

But–yes, there’s a big but here–we know the Internet holds many dangers. We need to teach our kids how to use the Internet. This starts with you; the parent.

Would we allow our children to use a science textbook that we know has graphic content and dangerously deceptive ideas? Would we allow our children to read this textbook privately, without our supervision, and without previously preparing them?

In the same way, we cannot simply give our kids free access to the Internet. Even if it is to learn new things or to finish a homework assignment. We need to be aware of these statistics. They may seem like emotionless, unrealistic numbers, but let me bring it home for you.

If your pre-teen child has nine friends, at least nine of those ten children – including your child – have viewed porn online. To understand the devastating effect this is having on our teens, I encourage you to read this article from Strength To Fight’s Jonathon Van Maren.

Let’s be proactive. Let’s become as involved in our children’s online lives as we are in their education. Because it is up to you to make sure that they are doing the right homework and getting the right education, from the right places.

At Strength To Fight, we’re committed to helping you fight for your kids. Let’s fight and win this battle together.

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How To Protect Your Home

Register for Covenant Eyes Accountability & Filtering Software

Sign-up with DNSThingy.com (A system that protects your Internet at its base)

Talk to your kids about the reality of pornography. A great resource to use is the book “Good Pictures, Bad Pictures.”