Spyware, Porn & Protecting Young Hearts, Eyes & Minds.

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By Josh Gilman: Recently the “WannaCry” ransomware virus began spread around the world, rapidly holding hostage hundreds of thousands of computers unless their user paid hundreds of dollars to the hackers behind it’s spread. Lives were even put in danger as some medical facilities around the world were held hostage as the computers that they need to keep people alive were … Read More

Resource Review: Protect Young Eyes

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We don’t normally review an entire website, but Protect Young Eyes is not so much a website as a tool. Founded by Chris McKenna, educational resource manager for Covenant Eyes, Protect Young Eyes is an incredibly comprehensive website with reports on virtually all the popular apps and devices your kids (and yourself) are using. Why You Should Be Using Protect Young … Read More

4 Strengths Predators Exploit in Strong Families

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By Daniel Gilman: Every strength has a flipside which can be a weakness. If unchecked it can be used by predators to manipulate our children. Here are four strengths that can become weaknesses in strong families. Forgiveness vs. Trust Forgiveness means letting go of toxic bitterness against someone. Forgiveness does not mean that we excuse that person or develop trust … Read More

“Dear Dads, don’t watch porn.” A letter from a daughter

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The following post was sent to Strength To Fight from a young mom who wanted to share how porn hurts. The hugs, the laughter, the jokes, the fights, the tears, and snuggles…these actions and emotions are a daily occurrence between my daughter and my husband. They love each other so much! Tonight they are snuggling on the couch and he is … Read More

Should I break up with my boyfriend?

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By Josh Gilman: Short answer: “yes”. Now before you, or your boyfriend, start throwing things at me, let me clarify. I’m not talking about a guy who has seen pornography. I’m not talking about a guy who was addicted years ago. I am talking about the guy that is a slave to his craving for pornography. (And yes, this goes … Read More

3 things you need to read today in order to protect your kids

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The internet can be a scary place. And it’s probably scariest for parents who are trying to raise their kids in this insane digital age. How can we keep our kids informed and empowered without making them terrified and paranoid? Dr. Mary Anne Layden said when asked why she believed in going after pornographers “I’ve spent 30 years trying to … Read More

Why the National Post wrote a lazy article about pornography

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by Josh Gilman: I don’t know. Last week the House of Commons unanimously adopted Motion-47 which calls upon the Canadian Public Health Committee to study the harmful effects of Online Sexual Violence (pornography). Yesterday the National Post published an article titled. “Parliament is about to thrust itself into the unsavoury world of porn with a useless committee.” Now to be … Read More