Resource Review: Protect Young Eyes

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We don’t normally review an entire website, but Protect Young Eyes is not so much a website as a tool.

Founded by Chris McKenna, educational resource manager for Covenant Eyes, Protect Young Eyes is an incredibly comprehensive website with reports on virtually all the popular apps and devices your kids (and yourself) are using.

Why You Should Be Using Protect Young Eyes

App Reports – app reports

One of the hardest  things to keep track of as a parent is all the latest apps that your kids (young and old) are using. Protect Young Eyes provides easy to read, concise reports on all the most popular apps with the pros/cons, dangers and recommendations for each one.

Having conversations with your kids, especially your teens, about why they shouldn’t use a certain app is often difficult, but if you can go into the conversation armed with real information and not just hearsay, it will go much better. Kids want to know the truth, and when you can clearly explain why certain apps are unsafe, you become the trusted bearer of truth.

Dangerous Devices – Device reviews

We often describe having unfiltered digital devices as living in a house where every closet is filled with poison. If that was the case, you would definitely board those closets up. But if you are like most parents, you’ll be surprised by some of the devices pictured here. It’s not just computers and phones, but video game systems, smart TVs, & pretty much anything that can connect online needs to be protected.

But that’s what Protect Young Eyes is for. Don’t freak out! They are here to help.

How to set up an xbox to be family safe

With super helpful step by step explanations of how to set up parental controls and lock down your families digital devices you will feel so much more equipped and prepared to deal with our ever changing digital world.


Other Great Features

Protect Young Eyes is also is full of great tips and strategies for addressing these difficult topics. But of course the internet is full of people who think they know everything. One of the things I like about Protect Young Eyes is the fact that it’s founder, Chris McKenna is the educational resource manager at Covenant Eyes. Covenant Eyes has long been a leader in the fight against the pervasiveness of pornography. And they have a reputation to uphold, which that makes Chris McKenna more than just another random guy with a blog. He has something to lose here. For me, that ups the trust factor.

What Protect Young Eyes ISN’T

We can’t stress this enough. As great as Protect Young Eyes is, it still isn’t your kid’s parent. That job is yours. Let Protect Young Eyes help you in your parenting, use it as a tool, but remember that the thing your kids need the most is to have frequent honest conversations with you. No website or tool is a one-time fix for protecting your family. We love the work that they do and treat them like a tool in our belt, but ultimately the responsibility falls to us to be the best parents we can be.


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