Resource Review: “How to Talk to Your Kids About Pornography”

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How to talk to kids about pornDo you feel confident to discuss hard topics with your kids? It’s important for parents to have access to educational resources which kick-start those kind of conversations. This new book is a parental resource which deals with the topic of pornography in a helpful way.

In today’s world the topic of pornography is no longer an optional conversation for families. The book “How to Talk to Your Kids About Pornography” is written for parents of kids ages 8 to 18 to help them deal with that very subject. It takes a realistic approach and assumes that at some point your child will inevitably be exposed to porn. Therefore, parents need to be prepared in advance with the necessary tools.

Learning About Porn

Before you can talk to your kids about porn, you have to know something about it yourself. The book educates parents about what porn has become today and shares stats about its widespread accessibility, so that parents can in turn educate their kids appropriately. Only after understanding the predatory strategies of the modern porn industry, and its efforts to dehumanize and promote violence, can parents and kids fight against it together.

The book also explains the science behind porn addiction and its effect on the brain, which is similar to drug and alcohol use. This is particularly relevant to children and teens, whose brains are much more susceptible to the addiction process. Being informed about the whole host of porn’s ill effects prepares families for the harsh reality of living in a pornified world.

Talking About Porn

The book explains how ongoing conversations about porn between parents and kids should go—the order which topics should be addressed, dealing with different responses children might have, and which approaches to avoid. It tells you how to create a safe and honest environment at home, which helps establish a relationship of trust and makes the parents the go-to source for information instead of the internet.

A wide audience of readers would find the book helpful because it allows for a highly personalized approach to discussing porn with your kids. Whatever your personality, your specific end goals, or how you want to raise your kids in general, the book encourages you to effectively pass on your expectations, values and beliefs to positively impact the next generation of your family. It also challenges you to do a self-evaluation of your bad habits, so that you can model what’s right for your kids.

Protecting Your Family Against Porn

Besides helping parents prepare in advance, the book also provides answers for parents whose kids have already been exposed to porn, including those who have become addicted. When you find out your kid has been watching porn, there are helpful ways to react and unhelpful ways. The book shows you how to firmly confront the lies pornography teaches, while at the same time reminding you to show love and compassion to your child instead of closing down conversation with an outburst of anger. The book provides strategies for kids dealing with temptation, which parents can read and share with them, and helps parents determine whether their child has developed a habit or if it has progressed into an addiction.

Even though kids are likely to be exposed to porn, that doesn’t mean we should make it easy to get to it. The book lists some practical, common-sense steps that be taken to safeguard kids from porn, such as adding filters to computers, phones and other mobile devices, and controlling internet and television use. Parents should also help their kids think critically about the messages the media presents, and the book lists countless related discussion topics, such as sexting, relationships, and body image.

One quick note. This book suggests that readers can remove filters blocking pornographic material once their kids gain maturity. Strength To Fight does not endorse this view. We believe that everyone, children and mature adults, should have filters on their devices to block inappropriate content. Having a strong filter not only lessens the temptation to look at porn, but it greatly reduces the likelihood that you will stumble upon porn accidentally.


Overall, this book is a great resource. When kids are finally out in the real world, you want them to be equipped with the knowledge to make healthy decisions on their own. This book provides you with what you need to know about porn and how to find opportunities to talk about it with you kids. Beyond the issue of pornography, the book helps families become more open to sharing and honest conversation in general.

You can find it at by clicking here. At time of posting the Paperback Edition was $17.74.