3 things you need to read today in order to protect your kids

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The internet can be a scary place. And it’s probably scariest for parents who are trying to raise their kids in this insane digital age.

How can we keep our kids informed and empowered without making them terrified and paranoid? Dr. Mary Anne Layden said when asked why she believed in going after pornographers “I’ve spent 30 years trying to pull people out of the river, we have to go upstream and find who is pushing them in.”

So as a parent, you are probably thinking, “But what is my role in that? Do I need to drive to Montreal and start kicking down the doors of MindGeek (the largest porn company in the world) to protect my kids?”.

Nope. YOUR role is making your kids strong so that they can’t be pushed.

Here are 3 absolutely crucial things you need to read today to know how to protect and strengthen your children.

How Pornography will Target Your Kids in 2017

From the amazing folks at Protect Young Minds, this article is a fantastic summary of all the latest technology and issues you need to be aware of. From Snapchat, to hologram porn (yes that’s a thing), you need to know more about the latest technology for porn then your kids do. Please read this.

3 Ways to Safeguard Your Kids from Unseen Dangers

From the author of “Say No And Tell”, this helpful article via the covenant eyes blog can help you start that conversation with your child about boundaries. It’s a topic that most parents aren’t very comfortable with, so read this in order to get some ideas for how this crucial conversation can start.


You can’t read this in it’s entirety today because you need to order it and it’s just over 200 pages. It’s a crucial book by our own Jonathon Van Maren, and it will open your eyes to the false foundation of the sexual revolution. Your child is constantly hearing false narratives about themselves, sexuality and even history. Understanding the history, false science, and actual lies that much of today’s sexuality is based on will equip you to answer your child’s questions about why you don’t believe the same things their friends do.

What else can I do?

Book Strength To Fight for a “Pure Families In A Pornified World” seminar!