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by Daniel Gilman

When a group of researchers at the University of Montreal set out to complete a study on porn, they were stopped in their tracks by something they did not expect. They were unable to find any men who had never watched porn. They had planned to compare the views of men who had never watched porn with those of regular users, but were unable to do so. Professor Simon Louis Lajeunesse explained, ‘We started our research seeking men in their twenties who had never consumed pornography. We couldn’t find any.” Instead they found that the average male first watched porn at the age of 10. This was a few years ago. Today the average age of first exposure to porn is 8. Virtually every male in North America has seen porn or has been addicted to it. I, however, am living proof that this is not always the case.

I am part of the miniscule percentage that has never seen porn. Statistically, this is a miracle. Many of you reading this article need to understand that although you may have the kindest, most polite and god-fearing child, he or she may still be looking at porn. Even a child who would never actively seek out porn can fall victim to it because the porn industry is actively trying to expose their material to your children. They succeed in virtually every case.

But they did not get me. I installed a filter at a young age in order to protect myself from coming across porn and from porn showing up on my computer. It wasn’t enough that I had great parents–which I do!–but great parents aren’t enough to protect children. I was informed at a young age about the dangers of porn, the darkness of the industry, and the hope of a world without porn. I embraced that hope and took the steps I needed to in order to be safe from porn. I am extremely grateful that someone presented to me the reality of the darkness and the value and importance of combating porn. This is why I give my time to Strength to Fight.

As our brief video records, 4.2 million websites are dedicated to porn. In other words, 12% of the Internet is porn. And this does not include pop-ups and ads that show up, uninvited and unwelcome, on your computer. Whether someone Googles it or it shows up on the screen without your intent, you or your child will never be able to un-see those images. They will scar you. They will shape you. They will hurt you. Unless you fight back.

The saddest thing about the University of Montreal’s conclusion that basically all men have seen porn is that it doesn’t have to be like this. And that is where Strength to Fight comes in. Strength to Fight not only helps people become free of porn; we can also help you and your children never see it in the first place.

At Strength to Fight, we are committed to helping you fight for your kids. Let’s fight and win this battle together.

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Talk to your kids about the reality of pornography. A great resource to use is the book “Good Pictures, Bad Pictures.”