I’m not going to shelter my kids. But I will protect them.

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by Joshua Gilman Don’t give kids Smart-Phones. That is Jonathon Van Maren’s conclusion in his recap after The Coalition on Sexual Exploitation Summit. Some people loved the article, some people didn’t, and some people had good follow up questions. I’d like to address some of those questions. Or rather, the context of the conversation. Before getting into the particulars, I’d like … Read More

11 Things To Know About Porn

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Strength To Fight recently brought on a University Intern. On just his first day we asked him to do a whole bunch of reading and research and let us know what he learned. Here is what he learned in just one single day. Porn Use is Widespread Porn today has become one of the most common forms of so-called entertainment, … Read More

Pornhub killed 6,000 people last year

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by Josh Gilman Pornhub took over 6,000 lives from us last year. Not that they directly killed anyone, but when you consider the amount of life lost to viewing porn that’s exactly what happened. Pornhub, one of the world’s most mainstream porn sites, reported this week that 4,392, 486,580 hours were spent on that site. That’s more than 501,000 years worth … Read More

Time For Warning Labels On Porn?

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by Guest Author It’s been a long time since anyone was able to buy cigarettes without also seeing an alarming message about cancer, emphysema, or some other horrible health effects from smoking.  Maybe it’s time pornography came with warning labels too. That idea may provoke a snicker or two initially. But think about what research has shown: pornography consumption damages … Read More

Stop The Madness

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by Daniel Gilman When a group of researchers at the University of Montreal set out to complete a study on porn, they were stopped in their tracks by something they did not expect. They were unable to find any men who had never watched porn. They had planned to compare the views of men who had never watched porn with … Read More

Are We Forgetting Something?

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By Colette Aikema Porn is a problem. We know this. We’ve heard it many times before. We know it is extremely addictive. We know it destroys the human brain the same way heroin does. We know it destroys marriages. We know it creates abusers and rapists. We know it perpetuates human trafficking. But have we ever thought about how it affects … Read More