Pornhub killed 6,000 people last year

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by Josh Gilman

Pornhub took over 6,000 lives from us last year. Not that they directly killed anyone, but when you consider the amount of life lost to viewing porn that’s exactly what happened.

Pornhub, one of the world’s most mainstream porn sites, reported this week that 4,392, 486,580 hours were spent on that site. That’s more than 501,000 years worth of viewing. And if you use the Canadian life expectancy, the amount of living lost to Pornhub was the equivalent of them murdering 6,267 people the second they were born.

6,267 people who would never play, laugh, learn, grow, love, and contribute to society. 6,267 people who wouldn’t go to school, get a job, get married, have kids. 6,247 people who would never vote, or run for office, sing, paint or dance.

That’s just one website among thousands. What a grave loss to our world! I shudder to think about the amount of living I lost to pornography over my 10 years of slavery. For at least 8 of those, I didn’t even try to fight back. I don’t want to add up the amount of schoolwork that wasn’t done, work I was late for, or people I didn’t spend time with.

It makes me sick to remember the sleep lost, which affected my school, my work, my relationships. To think of all the reading and walking and people I missed out on.

Pornography is robbing us of life. It is robbing our society of life lived – and we may never really know just how much it has stolen. What music have we not heard, as its composer stared bleary-eyed at his screen instead of his sheet music? What ideas have never been spoken, as their thinker numbed her brain instead? What child was never born, when his father never proposed to his mother because she couldn’t compare to his pixelated lovers?

People sometimes debate and argue over why we fight porn. Because the industry is full of abuse? Because it destroys the faith of the user? Because of the way it fuels a culture of violence? All true. But let’s talk about this one too. Porn is robbing us of life.

In just one year, ONE pornsite robbed us of the equivalent of 6,000 people. Do we want to change our world for the better? Maybe those are the people we need.

Want to be free? Start by reading “Help! I’m addicted to porn!” (women) (men).

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