How to be a Bad Accountability Partner in 5 Easy Steps

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I’ve spent the last decade walking with a variety of guys seeking to live their lives free from pornography and all of its effects. Earlier this year we posted some of the best ways to build healthy accountability groups; but being a good accountability partner is something that doesn’t always come easily. Especially when you have been doing it for … Read More

A Simple First Step to Stop Watching Porn: Location, Location, Location

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By: Brad Pullan Are you feeling discouraged by giving in to your porn habit?  Wondering what to do next?  I have one question worth asking yourself.  Where do you find yourself watching porn the most?  Is it your bedroom, bathroom or basement?  Identifying this is very important. Why? For many people, watching porn is an escape from whatever is going … Read More

Stop The Madness

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by Daniel Gilman When a group of researchers at the University of Montreal set out to complete a study on porn, they were stopped in their tracks by something they did not expect. They were unable to find any men who had never watched porn. They had planned to compare the views of men who had never watched porn with … Read More

Win The Battle – Change The Odds

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“If porn isn’t sex…what is sex?” That’s the handwritten question I got from one of the 16 year old boys I was speaking to at a local high school. I need you to consider the meaning behind his question. Why would a 16 year old boy ask what sex is? There are a number of possibilities. But, after talking with … Read More