Why do I need a filter?

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One of the most common questions we get is always. “What can I do to fight pornography?”. And our response is always. Get a filter. YOU need a filter.

As explained in the video above, EVERYONE needs a filter. Because everyone is a prime target for porn creators. You and your family are a valuable market they want to exploit.

Think about this. If every click on a video is worth advertising dollars to the perpetuators of porn, then it is very much worth their while to try to get porn to you, whether you want it or not. So it’s not enough not to want to watch porn, you need to take action to stop it from getting to you.

Here are some of the top-rated filters. Check out our resource page for more tools.

Covenant Eyes

Covenant Eyes-180x360 There are a lot of internet filters out there, but this is our favourite. A tad more expensive than some others, but it’s worth it in that, compared to most other filters, you can use the same account across more operating systems, it is more customizable, and features better accountability. This is a great tool for any individual or family!

Ever Accountable


Ever Accountable is another top-notch filter. It’s reports are super easy to read and the filter works great. The downside is that it doesn’t work with Apple devices, but on the other hand, it is incredible on Android devices! If you are an Android & PC family, then you definitely need to check this out .