Our Government Is Talking About Porn and You Should Too

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Good news! Our Canadian Standing Committee On Health is beginning the 1st of three days of hearings on the harm of pornography. Ok, technically they are discussing the “affect” of pornography but we know what they’ll find if they look at it honestly. The hearing starts at 11:00am (or started at 11am if you are reading this later). And you can … Read More

4 Strengths Predators Exploit in Strong Families

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By Daniel Gilman: Every strength has a flipside which can be a weakness. If unchecked it can be used by predators to manipulate our children. Here are four strengths that can become weaknesses in strong families. Forgiveness vs. Trust Forgiveness means letting go of toxic bitterness against someone. Forgiveness does not mean that we excuse that person or develop trust … Read More

Why being against sexual abuse meant I had to fight porn

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by Daniel Gilman: Everything in me wanted to leave that fight to someone else. I just wanted to combat sexual abuse and human trafficking, when I stumbled upon the brutal reality that meant if I wanted to fight those things, I had to turn my attention to fighting porn. Porn is both private and personal for so many nice and normal people. But I realized that if I … Read More

Should I break up with my boyfriend?

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By Josh Gilman: Short answer: “yes”. Now before you, or your boyfriend, start throwing things at me, let me clarify. I’m not talking about a guy who has seen pornography. I’m not talking about a guy who was addicted years ago. I am talking about the guy that is a slave to his craving for pornography. (And yes, this goes … Read More

A great way to talk about porn over christmas

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by Josh Gilman: One of the questions we get most often is “How do I talk to my family and friends about this?” As people realize the danger of pornography, they often ask us how they can possibly bring this up with friends and family. After all, how do you open that conversation? “Sooo……speaking of pornography being an unspeakable scourge … Read More

Why the National Post wrote a lazy article about pornography

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by Josh Gilman: I don’t know. Last week the House of Commons unanimously adopted Motion-47 which calls upon the Canadian Public Health Committee to study the harmful effects of Online Sexual Violence (pornography). Yesterday the National Post published an article titled. “Parliament is about to thrust itself into the unsavoury world of porn with a useless committee.” Now to be … Read More

Good news in Canada, and what it means for you.

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Yesterday there was some good news in Canada as members from all political parties in Canada rose to speak in favour of studying the effects of pornography. The official wording of the political motion put forward by Arnold Viersen an MP from Alberta states. “That the Standing Committee on Health be instructed to examine the public health effects of the … Read More