Love Gives Me the Strength to Fight

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By Laura Davis The door clicks shut as he exits the room. My mind is still racing with arguments half-formed, and unspoken. This is unfair. This isn’t all my fault. You can’t just leave as soon as things get complicated. And, quieter:  I can’t deal with this on my own. Still angry, I turn to Facebook and flip through posts. … Read More

Nazis, Porn, & a brave old man

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By Josh Gilman One of my heroes is a man whose first name I can’t remember. I only remember him as “Father Ten Boom”. The Ten Boom family was a dutch family, living in Holland who famously hid Jewish people in a small secret room in their home during the Nazi Occupation during World War 2. Their story is powerfully told … Read More

Singleness, Marriage, Contentedness, Porn & Pavlov

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By Josh Gilman: Happy Valentines Day! Depending on your personality and life circumstances, today is the best/worst/happiest/horrific/lovely/sickening/romantic/depressing day of the year. But for nearly everyone it is definitely one thing. Triggering. I’ll explain why. Contentedness One of the most common terms that is thrown around when we come upon anything that reminds of relationship statuses is the word “content”. Usually … Read More