I would watch porn again if it actually worked

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Can I be honest with you? If every time I saw pornography I felt like the very first time I saw it, I would watch porn again. Yes, you read that correctly. When I think back to being 14 years old, the first time I truly saw hardcore pornography, I can still remember those first moments of stumbling across it. … Read More

What’s Your plan?

Josh GilmanFreedom, Resources

By Josh Gilman Do you go to the grocery store without a shopping list? Do you head into your business meeting without an agenda? Do you get ready for a big family vacation without a to-do list? Well maybe, like me, you sometimes do actually try to do all those things without any sort of plan. But then you probably … Read More

4 Lies You Probably Believe About Porn

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There is a lot of misinformation in the world about pornography. Watch the below video to hear how to respond to the following lies about porn. #1 – You Can Stop Anytime You Want #2 – Porn Doesn’t Hurt Anyone #3 – You Can Learn Helpful Things About Sex From Porn #4 – Porn Is Better Than Demanding Sex Want … Read More

How sports are ruining your fight for freedom

Josh GilmanCommunity, Freedom

By Josh Gilman: My friend texted me: “Man, I’m struggling so much right now. I was having a great day and then as I’m trying to go to bed … man I am so tempted right now.” Sometimes I wouldn’t have the best insight into this, but I was was pretty sure I knew what was going on this time. … Read More

Your brain has been hijacked

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  By Josh Gilman: Your brain has been hijacked. That’s not good news. You see, your brain is incredibly plastic. Your whole life it has been shaped and formed by everything your five senses are taking in. You were born with a natural desire to know and be known by someone; to pursue love. You were born with an incredible … Read More

I’m not going to shelter my kids. But I will protect them.

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by Joshua Gilman Don’t give kids Smart-Phones. That is Jonathon Van Maren’s conclusion in his recap after The Coalition on Sexual Exploitation Summit. Some people loved the article, some people didn’t, and some people had good follow up questions. I’d like to address some of those questions. Or rather, the context of the conversation. Before getting into the particulars, I’d like … Read More

The screams of the ones you love

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By Josh Gilman: What is the worst sound in the world? Nails on a chalkboard? The fire alarm? A 3rd grade violin recital? Those are all horrible. But I would suggest it is not the single worst sound in the world. The worst sound in the world is the scream of someone you love. Yesterday, I was working on a … Read More

11 Things To Know About Porn

David HilderAwareness

Strength To Fight recently brought on a University Intern. On just his first day we asked him to do a whole bunch of reading and research and let us know what he learned. Here is what he learned in just one single day. Porn Use is Widespread Porn today has become one of the most common forms of so-called entertainment, … Read More

Help! My Kids Are Looking at Porn!

Josh BuckAwareness, Children, Home Safety, Resources

This article was originally posted by Tim Challies on his blog, Challies.com, on April 14, 2014. I hear it so, so often: “Help! My kids are looking at porn!” A few days ago one mom wrote to say that she and her husband had allowed their young teenaged boys access to the Internet to play an online video game, thinking … Read More

Help! I’m Addicted to Porn! (For Men)

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Dear you, We are glad you have come to this page. We can help. Did you know that you’ve already crossed the biggest hurdle in the battle to be free from porn? The realization that you have an addiction to porn is the most difficult point to get to. After this, things will become simpler. We know you likely feel … Read More