What’s Your plan?

Josh GilmanFreedom, Resources

By Josh Gilman

Do you go to the grocery store without a shopping list? Do you head into your business meeting without an agenda? Do you get ready for a big family vacation without a to-do list?

Well maybe, like me, you sometimes do actually try to do all those things without any sort of plan. But then you probably also, like me, don’t do a great job. Accomplishing a goal almost always takes planning. It takes good preparation, communication with those who will help you succeed, and a clear understanding of what you are trying to accomplish.

Unfortunately, so many of us try to get free of pornography without any sort of plan. Our to-do list looks like this.

  1. Get free.


And not only is that super poor planning, but the porn industries to-do list for how to get you addicted and keep you addicted is way more thought out and organized than that. Their plan for you looks something like this.  For the purpose of this example, I’m gonna call you Jeff. Nothing against Jeffs, I just picked a random name. You could also be a girl. Jeffina?

  1. Create billions of videos on millions of free websites for Jeff/Jeffina to find.
  2. Design videos to be as over-stimulating and addictive as possible.
  3. Tag videos with every search word imaginable so even if Jeff/Jeffina isn’t looking for porn they will see it anyways
  4. Make sure Jeff/Jeffina finds our videos before the age of 11. This will maximize their addictive impact.
  5. Ensure that all of Jeff/Jeffina’s friends also discover porn by the same age so that it is totally normalized.
  6. Make sure that every single digital device that Jeff/Jeffina ever encounters is a portal to endless amounts of pornography.

You know what? Their list goes on from there but I got disgusted with writing out the list already and you get the idea. They have a plan. What’s yours?

Does an alcoholic sit in a Beer Store hoping that he stops drinking? Does a gambling addict succeed if he just calls for help while playing the slots? Anyone who has ever reclaimed power over a habitual or addictive behaviour has made a plan and followed it through.

 So what is your plan?Winning The Impossible Fight eBook

Make one.

Write it down.

Tell someone.

Follow through.

If you’re looking for help with this. Download our free e-book. Winning The Impossible Fight. It will take you through the first steps of starting your plan. If that’s what you need, don’t wait. Start today. Victory is possible!