2 reasons to never use the phrase ‘Food Porn’

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By Brad Pullan & STF Staff Food Porn I really don’t like the phrase ‘food porn’:  Why? If you haven’t already I’m sure you have seen someone share a delicious looking picture from a ‘food porn’ social media page.  There are countless other pages like this (e.g. Earth Porn) but this article will specifically focus on ‘food porn’. There are … Read More

Good news in Canada, and what it means for you.

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Yesterday there was some good news in Canada as members from all political parties in Canada rose to speak in favour of studying the effects of pornography. The official wording of the political motion put forward by Arnold Viersen an MP from Alberta states. “That the Standing Committee on Health be instructed to examine the public health effects of the … Read More

I’m not going to shelter my kids. But I will protect them.

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by Joshua Gilman Don’t give kids Smart-Phones. That is Jonathon Van Maren’s conclusion in his recap after The Coalition on Sexual Exploitation Summit. Some people loved the article, some people didn’t, and some people had good follow up questions. I’d like to address some of those questions. Or rather, the context of the conversation. Before getting into the particulars, I’d like … Read More

Why is Pamela Anderson against porn?

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The top trending term on Facebook this morning was “Pamela Anderson”. But not for any reason you are used to seeing Pamela Anderson trending. Nope, this time it was because the headline “Pamela Anderson speaks out against pornography” was being clicked on and shared all around the world. Why would the Canadian Model who has appeared on the cover of … Read More

Learning more less: Changing our news habits in a pornified world

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By Josh Gilman: *Note this article is slightly longer than the others, but that’s kind of the point. So please read it in full. Check the source I used to work in Radio and have had the misfortune of being both on-air and also running the editor’s desk during several mass-shootings, natural disasters and various salacious scandals. Each time, it … Read More