Heroes & Villains

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By Josh Gilman When I was 5, my Grandmother gave me a couple of superhero figurines. To my parents’ embarrassment, I wasn’t particularly grateful and kept playing with whatever cereal box I deemed a more entertaining toy at that moment. My Grandma, however, just picked up the batman figurine. “I love Batman!”, she said. “He’s my favourite, he’s my hero.” … Read More

Are We Forgetting Something?

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By Colette Aikema Porn is a problem. We know this. We’ve heard it many times before. We know it is extremely addictive. We know it destroys the human brain the same way heroin does. We know it destroys marriages. We know it creates abusers and rapists. We know it perpetuates human trafficking. But have we ever thought about how it affects … Read More

Protection from Porn: A Practical Parable

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By Josh Gilman: Once upon a time, an evil empire attempted to enslave the people of earth by developing poison affecting the minds of all who consumed it. The poison was highly addictive and its genius was that it could be self-administered. Taken once, it would bury itself deep within the mind of the victim who would then seek out … Read More

4 Kinds of Helps for Victims of Sexual Assault

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By Caitlin Corbett: Sexual assault is a violation of everything about a person. It violates their body, mind, and soul. Sometimes, it violates their trust in a particular person, or even their trust in all people. It hurts so deeply that most victims cannot describe what they are going through. What makes this violation worse is that most victims have no idea where to go for help. … Read More

Four Rape Myths Exposed

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By Daniel Gilman: “You weren’t raped,” my friend was told. “If you didn’t fight back enough to make the assailant cry out, then you didn’t resist enough for it to be called rape.” My friend had gone on a missions trip and was sexually assaulted by one of the other volunteers. When she told her mentor, my friend was told … Read More