Strength To Fight #Phase 2!

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Strength To Fight – Fundraising Phase #2 We’re so grateful to everyone who has donated to Strength To Fight and helped us launch. The response has been incredible! In just a few months of existence we have given informative presentations to over 25 presentations in High Schools, Community Groups, Churches & Conferences. Our articles are being shared all over the … Read More

Stop The Madness

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by Daniel Gilman When a group of researchers at the University of Montreal set out to complete a study on porn, they were stopped in their tracks by something they did not expect. They were unable to find any men who had never watched porn. They had planned to compare the views of men who had never watched porn with … Read More

Hazardous Homework

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by Colette Aikema We all know that technology is a wonderful tool. As is the Internet. We know this, our kids know this, and our kids’ teachers know this. Homework no longer consists of simply taking home some math problems and solving them. We are asking our kids to delve deeper into the problems and solutions of this world. To … Read More

Win The Battle – Change The Odds

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“If porn isn’t sex…what is sex?” That’s the handwritten question I got from one of the 16 year old boys I was speaking to at a local high school. I need you to consider the meaning behind his question. Why would a 16 year old boy ask what sex is? There are a number of possibilities. But, after talking with … Read More

Your Friday Link-Tacular

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Here are a few links you need to click on. Well you don’t need to, but we did and we thought you might want to. Is everything you ever knew about the sexual revolution a giant lie? That depends on your definition of giant. But it’s almost assuredly a lie. Strength To Fight’s Jonathon Van Maren explains how our view of history should … Read More

Heroes & Villains

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By Josh Gilman When I was 5, my Grandmother gave me a couple of superhero figurines. To my parents’ embarrassment, I wasn’t particularly grateful and kept playing with whatever cereal box I deemed a more entertaining toy at that moment. My Grandma, however, just picked up the batman figurine. “I love Batman!”, she said. “He’s my favourite, he’s my hero.” … Read More

Are We Forgetting Something?

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By Colette Aikema Porn is a problem. We know this. We’ve heard it many times before. We know it is extremely addictive. We know it destroys the human brain the same way heroin does. We know it destroys marriages. We know it creates abusers and rapists. We know it perpetuates human trafficking. But have we ever thought about how it affects … Read More