A Simple First Step to Stop Watching Porn: Location, Location, Location

STF AdminFreedom

By: Brad Pullan Are you feeling discouraged by giving in to your porn habit?  Wondering what to do next?  I have one question worth asking yourself.  Where do you find yourself watching porn the most?  Is it your bedroom, bathroom or basement?  Identifying this is very important. Why? For many people, watching porn is an escape from whatever is going … Read More

Knowing your cues: Challenge 1

STF AdminGrand Decluttering Challenge

Why is it so important to declutter your life? Porn is the thing we need to get rid of from our lives. You came here because of porn not because you are on facebook all the time or browsing youtube videos for hours. However, though it might not seem like it, those things can be connected with porn in a … Read More