Knowing your cues: Challenge 1

STF AdminGrand Decluttering Challenge

Why is it so important to declutter your life? Porn is the thing we need to get rid of from our lives. You came here because of porn not because you are on facebook all the time or browsing youtube videos for hours. However, though it might not seem like it, those things can be connected with porn in a way you may not have thought about until now.

We are so desensitized to all the noise in our lives that we desire to “entertain” ourselves 24/7. I am not trying to say that relaxing watching a movie or going on facebook is bad and should be stopped altogether, but we have so much access to content that we are allowing our brains to veg more than we are actively using our brains.

It is in these times of vegging that we “stumble” on to porn. You are on facebook killing some time and there is a provocative ad that sparks your interest but you are able to say no to it right off the bat. But after time you give in to that temptation and start seeking porn out. I mean what do we expect? You were already bored and probably tired and those are two well known triggers to looking at porn. Like I said earlier Facebook is not the issue, the issues are the small steps towards porn that we do not even know we are taking. Here is a good youtube video explaining how all of this works.

The reason we want to declutter is to get some of those micro habits that lead us to porn out of our lives. So that we can create different habits, make different choices in a hope that we will no longer stumble across porn while by ourselves. Is this a cure all, NO! Does this help, Yes! We all need help to get away from porn and to stay away from porn.

Over this month we will be challenging you to declutter your life from things like mindless screen time, electronics, and looking at worthless ads.
We will also be challenging you to integrate some helpful things into your life.

Even if you don’t struggle with porn in particular, these pornified habits have crept into so many aspects of our society, it’s important that we all change and challenge our society from our own lives outwards.

Today’s challenge to start isI will watch one hour less of mindless screen time a week