Why Do Men Keep Treating Me Like Dirt?

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Sometimes we receive letters from people expressing the truth about porn that we just need to print them verbatim. Here is one from a young woman who knows the truth about porn and is speaking up.

“Is it what I look like, or who I am? Why do men keep treating me like dirt?”

I was speechless for a moment when an acquaintance from the local soup kitchen asked me that question.

After some discussion, I responded with carefully considered words:

“I don’t think it is something you’ve done, or your appearance,” I said to her . “In this generation, when porn is a socially acceptable norm, where the objectification of women is often the subject of a film, how can we expect the result on men’s and women’s interactions to be any different?”

I could tell my acquaintance wasn’t expecting that answer; however, I was surprised when she replied that I was right, and that porn is likely the reason we see a lessening respect for women in relationships.

My heart was heavy after leaving the conversation. What has happened to our society, that porn, which degrades the beauty of true relationships, is considered so normal in its affecting our relationships?

To many of us, this isn’t news. Porn has been scientifically proven to cause harm to relationships. To those who don’t think so, I’d encourage you to read up, and learn more about the effects (see resources below).

For those who are struggling with porn addictions, there is freedom. That is why Strength to Fight is here.

I hope that one day the reason I had this conversation will be obsolete.

So do we! This is such a great way to fight back against pornography: simply letting someone know that they aren’t crazy for thinking the world isn’t as it should be. When the majority of people have already seen porn by the time they are 18 years old, the odds of being in a conversation where neither of you have been affected by pornography is around 7%. (We used a probability calculator to figure this out, we aren’t that good at math).

When we are honest about the world we live in and speak the truth when given the opportunity, it is amazing how we can shine a light into the darkness of a pornified world.

Rep the truth! Spark a conversation! Order your “Love People, Hate Porn” t-shirt today to spread the message that people are worth more than porn tells us they are.