Your Friday Link-Tacular

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Here are a few links you need to click on. Well you don’t need to, but we did and we thought you might want to.

  • Is everything you ever knew about the sexual revolution a giant lie? That depends on your definition of giant. But it’s almost assuredly a lie. Strength To Fight’s Jonathon Van Maren explains how our view of history should probably be history. via
  • This isn’t an article. It’s a product. One you definitely want to know about. If your internet accountability software is a guard around the castle of your purity, and your internet filter is a moat. You can build a castle wall with DNSThingy. It’s so customizable that it’s like being able to add a lookout, and a watchtower, and….we may be losing ourselves in renovating our analogy here, but the point is. This could be a game-changer.
  • This article is fantastic. It was posted over a year ago but it’s one of the best articles I’ve seen on how our family life can affect whether or not our children will have a propensity towards porn. Don’t believe that giving your son a chocolate bar can make him more likely to consume porn? Well read this. Right here, and then we’ll talk.
  • Many people say that as soon as they have the first thought about pornography, it’s over. They’re bound to fall. But this video does a great job breaking down how simply being aware of the “porn activation sequence” gives us a chance to break that inevitable chain. It doesn’t hurt that it features our new friend Matt Fradd, OR that he has an australian accent.  Check it out here on Covenant Eyes.