Protecting Your Home & Family: iPhones and iPads

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I-phones are the hardest of all phones to protect from pornography and other objectionable content. Because apple devices don’t allow one app to monitor another, simply installing a filter doesn’t protect you on an apple device like it would on an android. This is true for an iphone, ipod or ipad. Laptops are different. Filters work just fine on your Macbook 🙂

The above video gives you a run down of how to install the covenant eyes browser and what extra steps you have to do to protect an iphone or  ipad. I encourage you to watch it in full, even though you may choose not to put as many restrictions on your device, it’s good to know how.

Here is a quick summary of what you need to do.

  1. Install the Covenant Eyes browser from the app store (Or the filter of your choice) You must already have an account with Covenant Eyes for this to work. (Visit their website here to set up an account.)
  2. Set restrictions on your phone and remove Safari, Youtube, Facebook and other apps that allow unfiltered internet access.
  3. Delete ANY other app that allows you to access the internet. Many apps can act as browsers so make sure you get rid of any app you discover has this capability. Disable your ability to install apps whenever you want.

If you are looking for how to set up you & or your family with a Covenant Eyes account, I suggest you watch this helpful video that explains the entire process.