Kids Wifi – Resource Review

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By: Josh Gilman 

If you are a parent, looking for a way to have your digital devices at home protected for your kids. Kids Wifi is an absolutely excellent product.

What does it do?

In 90 seconds, it helps you set-up a secondary wifi-network that you can then connect any phone, tablet, or laptop to in seconds. This network is by default kid-friendly.

Choose between either of the 2 defaults, Young Kids, or Older Kids, and away you go.

If you want to customize it further to impose bedtimes (a great idea) it’s very easy to do. You can also check your internet history, which is stored on your account so it doesn’t matter if the internet history on your kids device was wiped.

Does it do it well?

It’s incredibly easy to set-up. Easy to customize if you want (though the beautiful thing is you don’t have to) and according to our tests, very reliable.

The user interface is simple to use and simple to understand.

What does it cost?

$99 Canadian. No subscription fee. Just the same cost as taking your kid’s little league team out for McFlurries once.

What is it NOT for.

It’s not for helping YOU get free of porn. It’s designed to give you control over you home internet, which if you are the one that needs help, obviously this isn’t your solution.

It’s not for businesses or churches, places that need multiple profiles, or public access wifi. If you are any of those things, you really should be using DNSThingy. If you want a more powerful and more customizable product, than something like DNSThingy is perfect for you.

So should I get it?

If you are a parent that is looking for a really easy, quick, & even budget friendly solution to protecting your wifi. THIS. IS. FOR. YOU.

Were you paid to write this review?

Nope! But hopefully we’ll be able to work out a distribution deal with them soon because we want to help get this product into YOUR hands.