Join The Fight!

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This year has been incredible. It’s hard to believe that it was just last November that we were sitting down discussing the need to start a full-time anti-pornography organization. We looked at the need and realized that, to quote our presenter Daniel “This isn’t a cause. This is a crisis”.

Since then we’ve partnered with Canadians across the country, who have given their time, their finances, and their prayers to see this grow into what it has become. Canada’s first full-time Anti-Pornography organization, reaching thousands of Canadians with the truth, and equipping them to take back their lives, their homes, and their communities.

As we grow we need help. So here are 3 ways you can get involved and join the fight.

1. Support the work financially. If every member of our Facebook community contributed just $10 a month, we could hire another full-time employee (plus create another entire volunteer team) AND more than triple our resource creation.

2. If you’re in Ottawa (or want to visit), you can join the “Skate To Fight” our upcoming Skate-a-Thon for Strength To Fight. A great way to join the community and raise awareness and much needed funds.

3. Host a talk. Email us and invite us to come speak to your school, church, community group. Together, we can fight