I’m fighting for my kids

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There are a lot of great things to care about in the world. So we asked one of our volunteers why they care enough to join our Bike-A-thon coming up. Here is what they wrote.

Why do I support Strength To Fight? Why sign up to ride 30km to support this work?

Simple. Pornography is extremely destructive (on many fronts) and is being consumed at a mind-boggling rate.

I want to give my children a chance to grow up without having their innocence stolen from them because they were on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter. I don’t want them to get a text with an explicit image from one of their classmates. I want my sons to respect women – their mother, their sisters and eventually their wives. I want my daughters to grow up with dignity and knowledge of their self worth.

I’m not saying other issues we face as a society aren’t important. In fact, the more you can give, the better. But the reason I prioritize my giving to Strength to Fight is because pornography is a problem that affects all of us: Our families, communities, churches, friends, co-workers – everyone.

Strength to Fight gives me hope that my kids will have a fighting chance in this world – a chance to be kids without losing their innocence.

Please, take a moment and seriously consider joining me on August 27th for the Strength to Ride fundraiser, or if you can’t make it, sponsor a rider. Also, consider signing up to become a monthly donor with $10, $50 or even $100 a month.  The work of Strength to Fight can’t be done without our help.

That’s why I ‘ll be riding on August 27th. Join me!

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