How one mom is creating a “Digital Well” for moms to help each other parent the smartphone generation

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Melody Bergman is a normal mom.

Because normal moms burn the pizza, get lost on the way to soccer practice, and have to answer the question, “What do I do when my child is exposed to pornography”.

But Melody Bergman is also a hero in our eyes. Because instead of throwing her hands up and just complaining about how hard being a parent in a digital world is, she did something extraordinary. She asked for help. She found other parents who could share their similar stories, and then she realized she needed to do more than that.

Melody founded Media Savvy Mamas, an online meeting place for moms helping moms. In this weeks podcast, Melody shared not only great advice on navigating this crazy digital world as parents, but how she realized we were missing some ancient wisdom in how parents are supposed to be helping each other.