The Grand Decluttering Challenge

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One of the effects of a pornified culture is both cause and result. A noisy, distracted lifestyle. Surfing the web on our phones while in the bathroom. Texting while standing in line. Watching youtube while waiting for the bus. We are never, ever, ever bored. You don’t have to be a neurosurgeon to realize thiGrand decluttering challenges makes your brain crave more and more distraction in a vicious cycle.

Having this technology is not the problem. Spending time on it isn’t a problem in and of itself.

It’s not so much a matter of the fact that we HAVE technology or even the time we spend on it. It’s why we use it, and how we are spending our time. So we’re challenging people to take up the challenge. 

We’re challenging people to take the Grand Decluttering challenge for spring cleaning season. Here are some suggested challenges to accomplish.

  1. I will read at least one edifying fictional book.
  2. I will read at least one edifying non-fiction book.
  3. At least once, I will purposely put down my phone while lying in bed and read a book instead.
  4. Instead of watching a movie or tv show, I will go for a walk.
  5. I will not look at my phone while eating dinner with others.
  6. I will not bring my phone into the bathroom with me.
  7. When I see a “scandalous” news item. I will not discuss it until I have read at least two fair and informative articles.
  8. I will not click on any link about Taylor Swift dissing or being dissed by anyone.
  9. At least 5 times, when I pick up my phone to mindlessly browse the internet, I will instead text a friend to ask how they are doing.
  10. At least once this month, I will phone a friend instead of texting
  11. At least once this month, I will invite a friend over instead of phoning
  12. I will call my mom, or an older mentor in my life just to talk.

Whatever you decide to do we’re asking you to do two things.

  1. Choose one significant thing. Deleting netflix? Plugging in your phone outside your bedroom so you don’t browse it instead of falling asleep? Changing a health habit? Do something significant to make a change in your life. Because you and everyone around you will be better for it. And if you’re struggling with porn use, you will be shocked how much changing you distraction habits, helps fight porn.
  2. Join the Grand Decluttering on Facebook. Post your ideas for how to declutter your life and follow along with everyone else taking the challenge!
  3. Find something in your house you don’t need. Put it on Kijiji (or craigslist, or ebay) and then donate the proceeds to Strength To Fight to help us declutter and depornify our society.

Over the next week we are going to post a whole bunch of content about how porn trains us to live a distracted life, and how we can declutter from the noise and distraction of our society.

What are some things that you can do? Comment below with your ideas & challenges and we just might add them to an official challenge sheet in the next week!