Pure Families In A Pornified World – Seminar: Ottawa

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November 26, 2016 @ 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
St. Paul's Presbyterian Church
971 Woodroffe Ave
Ottawa, ON K2A 3G9


Computers, Smartphones, Gaming Systems. We’re living in a world of unending exposure to a wild west of information and mis-information. How do we raise our kids, to navigate this ever increasing digital world? How do we live purely, in a pornified society? In this seminar we’ll discuss both the ideas we need to ingrain in our families, and the practical steps we can take.

Topics Include

The Porn Plague, What It Is & How To Fight It: What is the actual affect of pornography on our society? What are our kids seeing? And as  importantly, what are their friends seeing?

Safe & Aware:  Safeguarding our children and communities from sexual abuse and empowering you and your children to live securely, confidently, and in freedom.

Practical Purity In A Pornified World: Can you actually talk to a 5-year old about pornography in a way that won’t ruin their innocence? Is there a better way to talk to our kids about porn & sex than the way our parents did?

Tickets are $20 (Lunch Included) and can be purchased here.

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