Ontario Christian Home Educators Convention

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April 29, 2016 – April 30, 2016 all-day
Redeemer University College
777 Garner Rd E
ON L9K 1J4

Daniel Gilman will be giving several presentations at the Ontario Christian Home Educators Convention including

Safe & Aware

In a country where one in three girls are sexually abused and one in six boys are by the age of 18, how do protect our families from those who would use our strengths against us.

Where predators seek to abuse our values of family (trust), authority (control), & acceptance (2nd chances), we’ll outline how to protect these values while helping you teach your children to know where they should and shouldn’t be applied.

Purity In A Pornified World

In this presentation we’re going to look at the state of our world, how porn has influenced so much of the way we live and think, and then ask the question, is it possible to live purely in this world? We’ll talk about specific lies the world has told us, and the truths that combat them. We’ll give very practical solutions to help fight this battle. 

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