Beyond The Talk: Raising and Protecting Children in a Pornified World

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October 28, 2017 @ 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church
971 Woodroffe Ave
Ottawa, ON K2A 3G9


Computers, Smartphones, Gaming Systems. We’re living in a world of unending exposure to a wild west of information and mis-information. How do we raise our kids, to navigate this ever increasing digital world? How do we live purely in a pornified society?

In this seminar we’ll carefully look at the practical and spiritual practices we as parents can implement in order to protect our kids from pornography, sexual abuse and an ever more dangerous digital world.

We’ll also look at what we can do when abuse or exposure has already taken place and why we can still have hope and follow a path to healing.

Topics Include:

  • Pure Families In A Pornified World: Josh Gilman, Strength To Fight
  • Safe & Aware: Daniel Gilman, Strength To Fight
  • It’s Not Too Late: Michael Browning, CCPA – Whitestone Clinic

Lunch provided by Burger Builder.


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About the Presenters

Michael Browning

M.Div, M.A, CSAT

Michael Browning is the Clinical Director and Founder of The Whitestone Clinic in Ottawa. Michael has graduate degrees in Pastoral Theology and in Counselling and Spirituality. He has specialized training in individual, couple and group therapy, and is one of only two therapists in Ottawa certified to treat sex addictions.

After experiencing, both personally and professionally, the struggles of addiction and its effects on loved ones, Michael was inspired to provide a specialized care for people who are struggling with their own, or a loved one’s, sexual addiction. He provided pastoral counselling and addictions counselling in Ottawa for nine years.

In June 2011, Michael began his own private counselling and psychotherapy practice, and in November 2013, he invited other therapists to join his new enterprise, The Whitestone Clinic, a general counselling and psychotherapy practice, with a specialty in sex addiction. The first to offer directed treatment for sex addiction in the National Capital Region, the clinic encompasses the combined skills sets of several therapists who provide a broad range of therapies, but a common focus on addictions.


Josh Gilman – Executive Director: Strength To Fight

Josh Gilman is the Executive Director of Strength To Fight. His background is a blend of Ministry and Communications. He worked for 5 years in the Radio Industry, including spending several years as a News Anchor & Reporter. It was the brokenness he had to report on every day that lead him to leaving the media industry to go into ministry. After several years serving on staff at his local church, he spent 1 year in politics before the Lord led him to dive back into the brokenness two years ago by co-founding Strength To Fight, Canada’s only full-time anti-porn organization.

Josh lives in Ottawa with his amazing wife and their 3 children. A 3-year-old daughter, a 1-year-old son, and a new baby girl born this past February. He is determined to create a different internet for his kids than the one he grew up with.


Daniel Gilman – Strength To Fight

Daniel always stood up for justice. Even as a very young boy when some other kids formed a group of bullies, Daniel tried to rally his friends to counter-bully the bullies. As he grew older and wiser he applied himself to the study of justice, becoming an expert on the abolition of the British Slave Trade, on which he wrote his Masters Thesis. He has quickly become a much sought-after speaker across Canada on a variety of justice issues, always bringing with him a genuine love and understanding of the dignity of all people.

After several years serving on the pastoral staff at his local church, Daniel has returned to Parliament Hill where he is the new coordinator of the Wilberforce Project. His objective is to train up new leaders to use their gifts and talents to make Canada a more free and just society.

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