An open letter to the porn industry

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This is a letter we received from a young professional woman in her mid 20’s.


Dear Porn Industry,

You have cheated this little girl -of her innocence at the age of 12; 

You have cheated this teenage girl of -her identity;

You have cheated this young woman of her true beauty;

You have planted lies; and false expectations;

You have rebranded LOVE from what it really is;

You have twisted sex from intimacy to self-fulfilment;

You have cheated her of her vulnerability;

You have stolen romance from under her feet;

You have shamed and guilted her from gaining her freedom.

How could you?

How dare you make me feel like I will never be enough?

The way I viewed myself– distorted.

The way you made me believe man will love me- objectified.

How dare you tell the world it’s normal;

How dare you tell society and culture that it is the new norm– confusion

So, let’s be blunt. Stop your scheme. Stop your deception.

Stop the guilt trip. The one- time -fill-the-void- quickly gets old.

My freedom gained;

Hope found in Jesus triumphs over all the false hope you lead my heart to believe;

The veil over my eyes has been torn, the pain exposed. The wound is raw.

As I walk in my healing, I am committed to expose- your deceits and reveal the love of Jesus. There is HOPE – the CROSS.


Yours sincerely,