5 Things I Learned Interning at Strength To Fight

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by David Hilder:

I’m a university student studying history and political science, and this semester I found myself doing an internship at the organization Strength To Fight, from mid-January to the end of March. As I’m experienced in doing research, I spent much of my time reading, compiling and writing about scientific studies on the effects of pornography and the strategies which various groups have developed to combat the problem on both an individual and a societal level.

I had a crash course on the porn pandemic that has infiltrated so many homes and families, and I watched firsthand as people from different backgrounds came to Strength To Fight presentations all looking for answers. Here are five things I learned about during my internship:

  1. Everyone Needs a Filter

If you don’t have an anti-porn filter on your internet-connected devices, you aren’t being responsible. You may think you don’t need a filter—that it’s only something children or addicts need. But when it comes to pornography, it is so widely available you have to take active steps if you’re going to avoid it. Filters which block inappropriate websites and produce accountability reports of the sites visited will make you think twice about the way you spend your time online and keep you from stumbling across porn accidentally.

  1. Porn Fuels Everything Bad

Widespread porn use is at the root of many of society’s problems. The objectification it causes explains why value for other people’s human dignity has been so compromised. Issues like abortion, human trafficking, physical and sexual abuse, rape and prostitution are all made possible in a pornified world where selfishness is promoted as a virtue and the fulfillment of your own desires is seen as a right.

  1. Rape Culture is Real

If you don’t know what rape culture is, you might be skeptical that it actually exists. After all, most people aren’t convicted rapists. But rape culture refers to a society where people are treated as sex objects, victims of sexual assault are often demeaned instead of being protected, rape fantasies are common, or the act of rape is trivialized as something that victims can enjoy. The proliferation of pornography and the failure to prioritize education about consent both contribute to rape culture. And in addition to that, we also fail to clarify that some acts, such as sexual violence, simply cannot be consented to in the first place.

  1. Things Are Getting Worse

Technology is always advertised for its benefits, but it often has hidden costs which aren’t discovered until years later. We have yet to see the full extent of the consequences from this first generation of internet-porn users. Both men and women who have grown up addicted to modern pornography are getting married and raising families. People who have been taught little else about sex besides the objectification and domination they learned from porn are being expected to have healthy relationships and raise the next generation. At some point the devastating effects of pornography will get out of control and society will be forced to realize they’ve made a wrong turn. And it’s imperative people take action now in the fight against it to prepare for that moment.

  1. Everyone Knows Porn is Wrong

There’s a reason pornography is often a secret addiction even though it’s so common throughout society. It’s because no matter how people justify themselves, or fool themselves into believing they’re not hurting anyone, they can’t escape the shame and guilt porn brings. Everyone on some level knows it’s wrong, but they still need to be informed about what porn is doing to them and the people around them. And they still need to be reminded that freedom is possible. Strength To Fight does both those things, and provides people with the tools and resources to move forward towards victory.


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