Nazis, Porn, & a brave old man

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By Josh Gilman One of my heroes is a man whose first name I can’t remember. I only remember him as “Father Ten Boom”. The Ten Boom family was a dutch family, living in Holland who famously hid Jewish people in a small secret room in their home during the Nazi Occupation during World War 2. Their story is powerfully told … Read More

What’s Your plan?

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By Josh Gilman Do you go to the grocery store without a shopping list? Do you head into your business meeting without an agenda? Do you get ready for a big family vacation without a to-do list? Well maybe, like me, you sometimes do actually try to do all those things without any sort of plan. But then you probably … Read More

The secret to sharing your porn addiction story

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“How can I find the courage to share my story?” Wednesday morning of this week, found me sitting on the set of “The 700 Club Canada” taping an interview about Strength To Fight and my own story of porn addiction and victory. (For those that are interested, the interview will air on May 11th). It was definitely a first time … Read More

How to drink your way to abs and freedom from porn

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By Daniel Gilman “If you drink twelve cups of green tea each day for just 60 days you will achieve rock hard sculpted abs!” I can make this promise to you if, like me, you’re a millennial, because you won’t last 60 days. I’ll get to sell a ton of green tea, and you’ll blame yourself for not hitting 60 … Read More

How sports are ruining your fight for freedom

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By Josh Gilman: My friend texted me: “Man, I’m struggling so much right now. I was having a great day and then as I’m trying to go to bed … man I am so tempted right now.” Sometimes I wouldn’t have the best insight into this, but I was was pretty sure I knew what was going on this time. … Read More

How to get people to talk about pornography.

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Recently at a talk I was asked a question that comes up fairly often in the Q & A portion of our presentations. It can be said in many ways, but essentially it’s “Ok, I’m convinced that pornography is an issue we need to talk about, but how do I get other people to talk about it.” And while I … Read More

Two simple ideas to keep you from watching porn today.

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I’ll keep this super short.  As enticing and fulfilling the thought of watching porn may be; Here are two strategies that may help you today:   Accomplish Easy Goals: Your frontal lobe is the brain’s supervisor and is responsible for providing reasoning and planning.  It will bring the order and structure to the chaos that is much needed.   Set a … Read More

5 Reasons to Ride 30KM

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I’m sure you’ve heard by now that we are riding 30KM at the end of August to help raise support for Strength to Fight. But why are we riding? Why do we do what we do? Well, here are 5 reasons why you should be supporting Strength to Fight and why you should be involved. Reason #1 -Teens and young … Read More

I am a woman. I am a porn addict.

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When we tell people that the majority of volunteers and people wanting to work with us are women, they are either shocked, or assume it’s because these women and girls are concerned about their husbands and sons. That is not the case. It is because porn addiction is destroying women & girls. Women want to fight pornography because it’s hurting … Read More

Resource Review: Beggar’s Daughter

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Several years ago, a visiting pastor informed our congregation that he would be speaking on the topic of pornography. To break the ice and ease some of the tension that immediately settled on his audience, tongue-in-cheek, he offered to take a vote: “Those who prefer that I instead preach a sermon on the geometric dimensions of the first temple, raise … Read More