Good news in Canada, and what it means for you.

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Yesterday there was some good news in Canada as members from all political parties in Canada rose to speak in favour of studying the effects of pornography. The official wording of the political motion put forward by Arnold Viersen an MP from Alberta states.

That the Standing Committee on Health be instructed to examine the public health effects of the ease of access and viewing of online violent and degrading sexually explicit material on children, women and men, recognizing and respecting the provincial and territorial jurisdictions in this regard, and that the said Committee report its findings to the House no later than July 2017.”

What this means is that the Canadian Health Committee would have to study what online pornography is doing to our society and especially the effect that that is having on children. Those of us who think such an action would be a great thing weren’t sure if it would be supported by all parties but it does seem that that’s the case.

*Pause for high five*

It was an incredible thing to hear many MPs standing up and citing accurate reports and stories describing the awful degrading concepts and actions that porn is teaching our children. One MP stuttered and wavered before launching into a blunt description of what her friends who teach high-school girls were telling her about the injuries that girls have been suffering by trying to perform the sex acts they and their boyfriends think are normal.

And yet there was one sentence that jumped out, which was from Parliamentary Secretary to the Leader of the Government, Kevin Lamoureux. In his statement expressing the government’s support of the motion he stated ““Canadians as a whole appreciate and understand the severity of the issue before us” “

No offense to Mr. Lamoureux and any of you, but no I don’t think Canadians “as a whole” neither understand nor appreciate the severity of the issue.

So that’s where you come in. Make sure that the Government actually presses in. WE know what they will discover should they fully study this issue. It will be horrifying and stomach turning and the action they may need to take may seem extreme, it may be tempting to look away. So keep writing and calling your MPs and stating your support for this motion and your concerns about what pornogrpahy is doing to our society, particularly to our boys and girls.

Tell your friends about what is happening. Attend a screening of “Over 18” to learn more about protecting children. Or invite Strength To Fight to come and give a presentation. We need to be an informed society that can hold our government to account on these issues that affect us all.

This very type of study is what has caused other governments to begin to put in helpful and much needed laws that take concrete action to protect young people from being exposed to pornography.

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9 Comments on “Good news in Canada, and what it means for you.”

    1. This is an answer to our years of prayers across this country seeking God to come and take hold of this GREAT INJUSTICE. I was an abused child in the welfare system and sexually abused at a young age. Even though physical abuse to me was a scar for a life time healing Sexual healing is a whole different animal.

      I thank God someone is standing up and doing SOMETHING>>>> oh how we need it. I know of hundreds of men ( married men) who are suffering with this addiction. That means their whole families are suffering. I would’t be surprised that 50% or or more of the divorces are directly influenced by this sickness in our society.

      Every level of “Govern”ment and City jurisdiction should reallocate the locel laws for the porn shops they allow.

  1. Please please please do something active today concerning porn. I have had three sons and a daughter and now two grandchildren. I’m aware that one of my sons struggled with this as a teenager. I can only imagine how much more of a struggle it will be today because of it being so available.

  2. What amazing news… the current political regime doing something positive for families and the fabric of our culture. I’ve been teaching about this in my grade 12 Families course for a number of years now, and I am increasingly horrified at the effects that normalizing porn has had our children… they are going up with terrible misunderstandings of what sexuality should and can be. This is a step towards common sense for a change. What a breath of fresh air.

  3. So happy to hear that this is being seriously considered for examination. A quick study and fast action and public education is the first step in the right direction to solve this urgent need that is destorying and confusing many individuals and families.

  4. A much overdue step to be taken in the light of the devastation to our kids already. May they take it seriously and then take steps to drastically eradicate this vileness from our society and to put teeth into legislation to prosecute those who violate the protocols.

  5. An excellent and encouraging report! May there be determination and strength to act on what they discover.

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