Consuming the Poison

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By: Jonathan Murray (Scripture Union Canada)

I believe there are numerous reasons to fight against the porn industry. Take for example, it’s destructive impacts on families, communities, relationships, and the Church. Perhaps one of the most devastating however, is how the porn industry transforms men and women into mere consumers.

I am convinced that everyone has a unique set of abilities and skills. I am also convinced that everyone has something to offer in this world, and everyone has the ability to be producers. Furthermore, I am convinced that everyone finds more satisfaction in producing over consuming. It’s like this, if consumerism is like a fast food burger, than production is like a well-crafted charcoaled made burger. In the case of consumerism, the burger that you get right away may be enjoyable. However, I think that we all can relate to the delayed unsettled feeling that a greasy, quickly made burger leaves behind. In comparison, in the case of production, if you were to make your own angus beef burger over a charcoal fire, although it will take longer, I bet that when you finally sink your teeth into it, there will be an overwhelming sense of fulfillment. Okay my analogy is not perfect (and apologies to any vegetarians), but the point is this, ‘instant gratification’, always leads to subsequent ‘delayed unhappiness.’ That’s not just my opinion either, that is the science of neurotransmitters on the brain.

Here is where I make my final point: the porn industry feeds off consumerism knowing full well that it will leave people feeling unsettled and unsatisfied until they consume the poison once again. Pornography, is a proven drug-acting substance on the brain. It’s a substance that re-wires the brain and among all of its harmful and dangerous effects, it turns people from being joy-filled producers into anemic-drained consumers.

Where pornography feeds off a “me-centered” consumerism mentality, true love is by definition a radical, “other-focused”, work required, but joy-guaranteed pursuit. So why do I hate pornography? Very simply, because I love ‘love.’

As a Christian, I want you to love ‘love’ as well. I want you to taste the joy of living a life of purpose and production, over one of consumerism and self-defeat.

Proverbs 13:4 says this, “The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing, while the soul of the diligent is richly supplied.”

If you are battling pornography or know someone who is, I urge you to very practically pursue production over consumerism. In doing so you will be richly supplied. When you are faced with the temptation to consume the poison, put your hands and mind to produce instead. Create, read, build, sing, workout, and fight! Don’t drink the consumerism poison that the porn-industry is offering!