The screams of the ones you love

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By Josh Gilman: What is the worst sound in the world? Nails on a chalkboard? The fire alarm? A 3rd grade violin recital? Those are all horrible. But I would suggest it is not the single worst sound in the world. The worst sound in the world is the scream of someone you love. Yesterday, I was working on a … Read More

Is violent porn a Canadian health crisis? MP Arnold Viersen discusses

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There has been more good news on the pornography front than we’re used to, with Time Magazine’s article alerting the general public to the affect of porn addiction on a generation of young men, and the Globe & Mail and Washington Post also highlighting the dangers of pornography in the past several weeks. Here in Canada, MP Arnold Viersen is … Read More

Help! I’ve Relapsed!

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If there is one thing that is certain about recovering from a porn addiction, it is this: we all have good days and bad days. Today may be a ‘Bad Day’. You may have been doing extremely well for weeks, days, months, or even years. Perhaps you have not used porn for months, and have begun to forget the myriad … Read More

Help! I’m Addicted To Porn! (For Women)

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Dear you, We are glad you have come to this page. We can help. Did you know that you’ve already crossed the biggest hurdle in the battle to be free from porn? The realization that you have an addiction to porn is the most difficult point to get to. After this, things will become simpler. We know you likely feel … Read More

Are We Forgetting Something?

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By Colette Aikema Porn is a problem. We know this. We’ve heard it many times before. We know it is extremely addictive. We know it destroys the human brain the same way heroin does. We know it destroys marriages. We know it creates abusers and rapists. We know it perpetuates human trafficking. But have we ever thought about how it affects … Read More