Resource Review: “How to Talk to Your Kids About Pornography”

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Do you feel confident to discuss hard topics with your kids? It’s important for parents to have access to educational resources which kick-start those kind of conversations. This new book is a parental resource which deals with the topic of pornography in a helpful way. In today’s world the topic of pornography is no longer an optional conversation for families. … Read More

Handing 6 year olds porn in school

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Yesterday a story ran in local news outlets about a 6 year old, telling his parents he had been exposed to porn while using a school issued tablet during class. While stories based on the testimony of 6 year olds are very difficult to verify, that doesn’t hide one fact. This 6 year old boy HAS been exposed to porn. … Read More

How To Kill The Porn Industry In One Step

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By Josh Gilman How do you stop something pervasive? Can a society change in one generation? I ask because when we talk about fighting pornography, we are talking about something that is everywhere. The amount of people who have  never seen pornography is negligible – men and women who are addicted to its consumption make up the majority of our … Read More

Help! How Do I Talk To My Wife About My Porn Use?

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Dear porn-addicted husband, The fact that you are willing to read this letter is already a good step. Even though this is definitely a battle, please keep reading. We hope that this brief letter will be an encouragement and a help to you. First, if you’re still struggling with whether or not you are addicted, that probably means you are. … Read More

Why do I need a filter?

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One of the most common questions we get is always. “What can I do to fight pornography?”. And our response is always. Get a filter. YOU need a filter. As explained in the video above, EVERYONE needs a filter. Because everyone is a prime target for porn creators. You and your family are a valuable market they want to exploit. Think … Read More